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March 23, 2024: New Cardiovascular Horizons (NCVH) comes to New York!! The first NCVH conference in New York was a success!! Thank you to Dr. Walker and Dr. Puma for making this happen.

New York Cardiologists Herald the Launch of the “New York Ambulatory Cardiovascular Society”

6 Mar 2024 1:46 PM | Maura Fiore (Administrator)

Newly Established Statewide Society to Focus on Specialty

Cardiac Surgery and Services Provided in Ambulatory Care Settings

 ALBANY, NY – New York’s cardiologists today heralded the formal launch of the New York Ambulatory Cardiovascular Society (NYACS), a new society with a mission to improve the practice of cardiovascular medicine and distinguish the critical and growing role of cardiology care provided in ambulatory settings.

Outpatient cardiovascular service in an ambulatory surgery center is a distinct specialty that requires a distinct voice to represent its value and interests. Despite federal approval nationally, individual state laws and regulations can be vastly different for ambulatory cardiologists versus hospital-based practices. Procedural options, care settings and patient populations all present unique challenges to ambulatory practices, requiring a focused, ambulatory-centric strategy when educating state policymakers and shaping government policy.

The New York Ambulatory Cardiovascular Society is the only society in New York State that represents the unique needs and concerns of ambulatory cardiologists. Its goal is to raise awareness among the public and policy makers concerning the safe, effective and patient-centered delivery of guideline-directed medical and interventional therapies to patients with cardiovascular disease. In particular, the society advocates for policies that improve access to high quality care and reduce costs.

Inaugural NYACS President Dr. Joseph A. Puma said: “NYACS will be a changemaker that harnesses the collective expertise and advocacy of cardiologists and interventional cardiologists to promote cardiac health and shape public policies that drive high quality care for New York’s patients.

“There is no health without heart health,” said Dr. Puma. “As incidences of cardiovascular disease rise, it is crucial for New York State to chart a path of renewed innovation and implement new policies that enable patients to receive care closer to home.”

The leadership and founding members of the society are: Joseph A Puma, MD, President; Justin A. Ratcliffe, MD, Vice President; Ali Aboufares, MD, Secretary; Augustin Delago, MD, Treasurer; and Lisa Wickens-Alteri, RN, Executive Director. NYACS is established as a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization.

The launch of NYACS comes at a time when cardiac health and wellness remain a critical focus due to the rising prevalence of cardiovascular disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics, heart disease stands as the primary cause of death in New York State, outpacing cancer, accidents, stroke, and other health conditions. [1]  Nationally, heart disease claims the lives of 697,000 individuals every year, representing one in five deaths. [2] Annually, 805,000 Americans experience heart attacks. In New York State alone, cardiovascular disease—encompassing conditions such as coronary heart disease, stroke, and heart failure—accounted for 34% of all deaths in 2020, as reported by the NYS Department of Health.  [3] In 2020, 1,118,000 adults in New York State (7.3%) reported a heart attack, angina/coronary heart disease, or stroke. 

Two levels of NYACS membership are available: General Members and Associate Members. General Members are New York State licensed physicians who are board-certified in cardiology. Associate Members encompass individuals or entities engaged in providing services, products, or consultation to cardiologists, as well as those with an interest in ambulatory surgery centers.

For more information about becoming a NYACS member, visit:


New York Ambulatory Cardiovascular Society
C/O Capital Health Consulting
136 State St., Suite 501
Albany, NY 12207







New York Ambulatory Cardiovascular Society
C/O Capital Health Consulting
136 State St., Suite 501
Albany, NY 12207

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